Chain of Responsibility
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Chain of Responsibility Training
CoR Training

“Australian Onsite Training provided a tailored solution to our specific needs across three shifts with different levels of understanding about CoR. The uptake of the knowledge by the team was very good as a result of the way Peter delivers the learning in a collaborative and open discussion format. We are planning to roll the course out to our carriers as a result of the success with our employee team.”

“I am happy to recommend the training services of Australian Onsite Training.  We have worked closely with Peter Strandly to develop and conduct customised training modules for our staff about Chain of Responsibility.  We can now state with confidence that our operational teams are acting in their day to day work guided by the principles of COR. In NSW alone we recently trained over 80 DB Schenker team members -the training will continue. The training held was appreciated by our blue collar and white collar work force and is fully aligned with DB Schenker’s principles of safety and compliance.”

“Thank you for completing COR training with our Brisbane team members.  Feedback from the team was extremely positive.  The training really opened a lot of people’s eyes to their responsibility. I personally found it extremely informative and relevant to our business.  I look forward to future dealings with Australian Onsite Training as we move into the next phase of CoR training across the Hastings Deering network.”

“Peter Strandly provided a very professional and comprehensive training service. He demonstrated a   strong knowledge of the content and was able to cover all the areas of training that PPG required.  Peter was also able to answer a range of different questions from various parts of our business and provided clear guidance on how we could improve our Chain of Responsibility compliance.  I would happily use Australian Onsite Training to conduct further training for PPG as required.”